The family behind the food

As Odiham locals, many of you may know us by now. However, we thought we’d better formally introduce ourselves for those of you curious for a bit more information about who we are.

We’d love to meet you in person! Come and visit us at the deli and we’d be happy to help you however we can.

Jim and Amanda Coomber


Jim and Amanda’s passion for local, quality fare is tangible throughout the Pickled Pepper.

As Odiham locals, Jim and Amanda know firsthand just how many talented producers can be found around the area.

Every product, from our cheeses and pies, through to the packet of crisps you pick up with your lunch, every product has been sourced with care, from the best suppliers Hampshire has to offer!

Katie and Emma


Katie and Emma are responsible for the aesthetic and marketing of The Pickled Pepper, as well as ensuring we stay safe and compliant to the highest standards of food safety. They have a strong ethos of innovation and creativity, a combined view of intention to change the face of the traditional deli, with quality rather than quantity at the forefront of their ideology.


Bookkeeping & Accounts

Pete is the background engine of the deli, helping us to crunch the numbers. Never one to shirk a bit of multi-tasking (currently balancing two jobs, being a dad and night-school!) you may also see him behind the counter on Saturdays from time to time.

Our Dinky Pickles

Poppy, Thomas and Harry. Our gang of dinky helpers can often be found working hard in the deli, helping us taste-test as much as possible to ensure it’s still delicious…!

If it’s something fancy you’re looking for, to impress at your next party or event, or just picking up a snack or something delicious for dinner, one of us will be on-site to help you find just what you’re looking for and maybe introduce you to something new.

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  1. Deb Domun says:

    Good luck with your new enterprise. We all wish you every success X Deb, Pat, Fraser & Catriona

  2. Anrhony Willis says:

    Having been made aware by friends and family during a recent visit to the village of how good this deli is I paid a visit and purchased pies, pickles and olive oil. If these products match the quality of the owners customer service , and I have no doubt they will, I shall be a happy man. So will be my partner Maureen.

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