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Add a little Greek to your honey

Honey is one of the most ancient of ‘superfoods’, it contains incredible cancer-fighting properties and is known to fight the onset of osteoporosis.
Greek honey in particular has long had the reputation of being the best in the world. The Greeks have been practicing and refining apiary (beekeeping) for centuries and their bees have got making delicious honey down to a fine art.
Just as the Mediterranean diet is considered so healthy for us, so it is for bees. The bio-diversity in Greece is exemplified by over 850 species found nowhere else in the world. The variety in flora in Greece, mixed with the Aegean sunshine are a perfect combination for happy bees and amazing tasting honey.
We like to think we go one step further with our honey as we’ve added the element of homemade! As with all of our produce, we believe the love, time and passion that goes into the production can be tasted in its quality.

Some of our honey flavours include:
THYME:  Produced in spring, when thyme flowers, thyme honey is the most revered of Greek honey. This is mainly because thyme-fed bees produce less honey, making it rarer. Thyme honey is light in colour, with an intense herbal aroma.
BLOSSOM: Produced from a diet of wild flowers, Blossom honey is as beautiful as it sounds. Light and delicate as its origins, it has a delicious aroma and floral afternotes.
HEATHER: Produced in early autumn, after the first rains, if it is warm enough for heather to blossom. Dark, almost reddish in colour and very thick, it has a spreadable texture. Heather is close to ‘traditional’ honey, but with a lighter, sweeter taste.
OAK: Dark brown, almost black in colour, Oak Honey is aromatic and rich. Harvested from the honeydew produced in the bark of the trunk of oak trees. Oak honey is characterized as honey of very high nutritional value. Rich in antioxidants and minerals, it is highly beneficial for the digestive system.